Persephone Trail 7.14 km (4.43 miles)

GPX Track

Type: Linear

Length: 7.14 km (4.43 miles)

Time: 1:47:33

Difficulty: Easy

Total climb: 297 m (0.18 miles)

Start/Finish: 34.920511,32.881361

Easy linear trail mostly going through forest, with one panoramic view on Limassol, Ladie’s mile and closed amiantos production. Visit it any time of year – at summer it will be nice place to get rid of heat. At winter (December – March) difficulty becomes hard because you don’t see the trail and at some places snow gets to your kness. So mind to get good boots if you go there at winter. Also if it is snowing police may not permit you to enter Troodos area. You can always check current condition with the help of webcam in Troodos: Also mind that at this height it’s about 10C less hot than at sea level.

Leave you car at Troodos parking:


Closed amiantos production:


Panoramic forest view:



Panoramic view at the end of trail: