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Amiantos trail 5.09 km (3.16 miles)


Type: Linear

Length: 5.09 km (3.16 miles)

Time: 3 hour 17 minutes

Difficulty: Normal

Total climb: 293m (0.18 miles)


Trail is easy itself, but I’ve marked it as normal difficulty because in some places you have to jump on stones over the river. All way long you go near nice narrow river, watch your step when getting near the mine – you can step really deep into wet amiantos.

IMG_8317 IMG_8291   IMG_8343 IMG_8296IMG_8314 IMG_8300

Amiantos mine itself:


Madhari Ridge and Mount Adelphi 12.64 km (7.86 miles)

GPX Track (not mine, taken from wikiloc)

GPX Track (mine, but with pauses)

Type: Circular

Length: 12.64 km (7.86 miles)

Time: 4:30:00-5:00:00

Difficulty: Hard

Total climb: 793m (0.49 miles)


One of my favourite trails because of it’s views, length and difficulty. Total climb is hell, especially if you carry a tripod. It goes through open spaces and forest as well. You will visit second highest peak of Cyprus and both parts of island – north and south from one point. And there is a fire looking station there.

IMG_2486 IMG_2481


View from second highest peak of Cyprus. Unfortunatelly there was a sand storm: